During a recent chat with VladTV, Lord Jamar discussed Lil Wayne joining the Universal Zulu Nation and what it means for the Young Money rapper.

The Brand Nubian emcee began by breaking down how the group was formed back in the 1970s by Afrika Bambaataa, and soon became popular with early hip hop figures such as DJ Kool Herc and Lord Jamar himself, as it emphasized Afrocentrism, positivity, and a moving away from the gang banging that plagued NYC at the time. 

Touching on the news that Lil Wayne joined the group late last year, Jamar feels the New Orleans emcee did it as a way to "put himself in the lineage of real hip hop."

"[Joining] symbolically puts a certain hip hop stamp on him," Lord Jamar added.

To hear more about Lord Jamar's views on Lil Wayne joining the Zulu Nation and why he feels it's good for the movement, check out the clip up top.