Daylyt addressed the haters of his continued display of homosexual antics, and professed his desires for T.I., in this clip from his exclusive interview with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes.

Daylyt began by addressing the vast amount of criticism he receives from various people for his homoerotic activity.  He explained, "I'll suck a d**k or two, but I'm not gay."   According to what he calls "The Gay Book," a man is not gay "as long as you f**k 22 b**ches to every ni**a."  Because of this rule, Daylyt makes sure that he manages to sleep with "one ni**a per year, minimum," and the rest of the time he is intimate with women to ensure that he cannot be considered as "legitimately gay."

Back in 2014, Daylyt shocked the world by stating that he'd "f**k the sh*t out of Diddy."  However, it's a new year, and to fill his "quota" for 2015, Daylyt named Hustle Gang head-honcho T.I. as the man that he'd like to sleep with most.  Day went on to explain how he knows T.I. is a "freak," and that he's been "feeling this caramel sh*t lately."  He also denied having interests in Drake because he doesn't "f**k with ni**as who are already gay.  I only like straight men."

What are your thoughts about Daylyt's desire for T.I.?