As Fox begins to promote their upcoming drama 'Empire,' 50 Cent lashed out against the network for allegedly swiping the concept and marketing of the show from his Starz hit show, 'Power.'

'Empire' and 'Power' are both gritty dramas that involve reformed drug dealers as the leading roles. On 'Power,' Omari Hardwick plays "Ghost," a man with a lavish club business. Terrence Howard plays Lucious Lyon on 'Empire,' a man who turns to music and runs an entertainment company. The protagonists also have complicated love lives involving mistresses and ex-wives.

50 posted several photos of the show's posters and compared them to 'Power.' He also assured fans that Power's second season will be better than the first. After taking a few jabs at the network, the Queens rapper showed love to Howard and Taraji P. Henson, the leading actors in 'Empire.'

'Empire' will premiere January 7 on Fox.

Take a look at what 50 had to say about 'Empire.' Do you see the comparisons between the two dramas?

Source: Instagram