Bobby Shmurda and a bunch of his GS9 associates are in very hot water with the law after being arrested in the early morning hours on Wednesday night, December 17th, but many fans seem to care less about his current situation.  

Shmurda was arrested at the Quad Recording Studio in Times Square with over a dozen members of his crew as the result of a sting operation stemming from a lengthy investigation into him and his associates' involvement in guns and drug trafficking.  During the time of the arrest, police apparently recovered 262 grams of crack, a pound of marijuana, $40,000 in cash, and a total of 16 different firearms. 

The judge has since issued a $2 million bail on Shmurda, and despite the fact that he could very well be facing well over 10 years in prison if convicted on the various charges set against him, many fans and general people who've heard about the news have chosen to send cruel jokes in his direction instead of support.  An image of Shmurda and his crew being taken out of the Quad Studios walking in a line while cuffed to a lengthy chain has gone viral and actually become the source of many foul memes.  

Check out the lack of empathy that many people have shown to Shmurda's current struggles above.

Source: HotNewHipHop / YahooNews