The murder-suicide that Floyd Mayweather witnessed on Monday, December 8th, when his close friend Earl Hayes shot and killed his wife Stephanie Moseley, then turned the gun on himself, shocked the world.  While the pair may have struggled through private issues behind closed doors, no one could've ever anticipated that their union would end in such a violent manner.  To make matters worse, Hayes' motivation for killing his wife and then himself, reportedly stemmed from an alleged affair that Stephanie had with R&B singer Trey Songz.

Sources close to Hayes reported to TMZ that the VH1 "Hit the Floor" star had an affair with Trey Songz 2 years ago, which caused her and Hayes to separate after marrying in 2008.  After reuniting, they tried to make things work, but according to a friend of Hayes', "He was crushed and never got over it."  Apparently Hayes often expressed his insecurities by repeatedly mentioning Songz on various occasions.  Stephanie's work as a backup dancer for a bunch of top-quality artists also led Hayes to suspect that she was having affairs with multiple men; however, Songz is the only one mentioned as his main source of distrust.

While Trey has remained silent in regards to the allegations that he was sleeping with Hayes' wife, he did take to Twitter to pay his respects to the fallen beauty.  Check out what Trey Songz had to say about Stephanie Moseley above.

Source: TMZ