While several MCs have been members and affiliates of the Universal Zulu Nation, Lil Wayne isn't exactly the name that comes to mind when thinking about the legendary organization. According to Q-Tip however, Lil Tunechi is the Nation's newest member and asked his Twitter following to help him welcome the "Believe Me" rapper into the fold.

He also asked his followers not to judge the situation, as many feel Wayne's persona doesn't line up with that of the Zulus. "We need all the help we can get, these r URGENT times and folks are HEARTFELT in lending a face, a voice, a view, so be it! Don't judge."

Q-Tip has long been affiliated with the Hip Hop awareness group started by Afrika Bambaataa. Other members and affiliates include KRS-One, Rakim, Ice Cube, De La Soul, Public Enemy and more. Tip's next album is currently scheduled to be called "The Last Zulu."

Take a look at Q-Tip welcoming Weezy into the Zulu's above.

Source: AllHipHop