Love & Hip Hop is known to not only start a riot on the small screen, but for those fiascoes to spill over into the castmates' real lives, many of whom air out their grievances with each other and the show via social media. Lil Fizz, however, has become a very sympathetic character, as he revealed that his now ex-girlfriend, Amanda, cheated on him, and continued to sneak and see the guy in question before he left her for good.

Feeling that her reputation is now on the line, Amanda clapped back at the former B2K member, taking personal shots at his home life, such as claiming he still lives with his mother, receives EBT benefits, and sleeps in an insect-infected bed.

Fizz's son's mother, Moniece, replied to the post defending her son's father, saying Amanda is simply mad she got the fire slapped out of her on the show and that her "whorish ways" ruined her chances for future opportunities.

Check out the original post of Amanda slandering Fizz, and Moniece defending him above.

Source: TheShadeRoom