Ms. Jackson and Nelly are all about each other these days, and just this past Friday, November 21st, Ms. Jackson took her fans on a romantic #FlashBackFriday trip to this year's Halloween.  Photos of her and Nelly together on the spooky day were noticeably absent from social media, but it looks like they were just keeping the photos in the vault for the own personal viewing.

Ms. Jackson decided to post one rather romantic picture to her Instagram recently, of her and Nelly locking lips together on Halloween.  He was dressed in attire that resembles a Compton gang member, while the curvy Ms. Jackson wore a sexy dominatrix leather suit, fully equipped with a long whip.  This is the first picture that the public has been able to see of Nelly and Ms. Jackson in such an intimate exchange.

Check out the smooching above.

Source: Instagram