Fabolous' '90s themed birthday party on November 18th was not only a special night for him, but a truly memorable moment honoring the history of Hip Hop as a whole.  Numerous celebrities, both veterans and newer faces, arrived and celebrated the fun-filled night with Fabolous, including Lil Kim and Remy Ma.  The pair of Hip Hop royalty have had their differences in the past which never got truly resolved and were drawn out over the years, but apparently, they buried those issues for good at Fab's party.

Kim and Remy both posed for a photo alongside Big Fendi, which Fabolous posted on his Instagram.  In Fab's caption, he stated: "Not only was I honored to have @lilkimthequeenbee come thru, but I heard her & @therealremyma buried some past differences & partied the whole night together."  He went on to praise both women for their contributions to the culture, and for their past history of being locked up but never snitching on anyone to get a reduced sentence.  

While their truce may have just been a rumor at first, Lil Kim retweeted Fab's post about their newfound peace, further confirming that they put their past issues to rest.

Check out what Fab had to say about Remy Ma and Lil Kim above.

Source: Instagram