Professional tattoo artist, or better yet, self proclaimed "Professional Pigment Insertion Technician," Anthony Wayne, recently posted a picture of a religious tattoo that he created that has since gone viral.  

The tattoo in question is a crucifixion image of Jesus Christ resting helplessly on the cross during his passing.  What made this tattoo so unique was Anthony's crafty placement of the photo on his forearm.  The image of Jesus nailed to the cross merges with his own wrist, so that his hand becomes an extension of where Jesus' hand cuts off on the tattoo.  

It is a truly stunning piece of visual work that has been tweeted out and reposted hundreds of thousands of times ever since Anthony first posted it to his "@kapt_khaos" Instagram profile.  Even celebrities such as Joe Budden and Ginuwine have shown love and spread the word about his incredible work.  Despite all of the praise he got for the masterful piece that he inked onto his own flesh, Mr. Wayne was humble enough to give credit to a man named Jason Kingrey for coming up with the design, which he then turned into a stunning tattoo.

Check out his artwork above, and some of the reactions from celebrities and general tattoo fans as well.

Source: Instagram