Young Thug knows all too well that you can't be down with the "Rich Gang" without having pockets deep enough to properly rep the set.

Thugger took to Instagram recently to showcase just how far he's come financially since his emergence into the mainstream Hip Hop spotlight.  Usually, fans get to see this kind of monetary flaunting from the likes of Floyd Mayweather Jr., or maybe 50 Cent on occasion, but generally it's rare to see your favorite rapper display that kind of cash on such a public platform without a care in the world.  

Young Thug must've been ready to either hit the strip club or take that cash straight to the bank.  He posted up a few photos of himself holding stacks of cash so long that he could play "Jenga" with them. He captioned the photo with the hashtag, "#TheyGaveTheWrongBLOODni**aMoney."

Check out how rich Young Thug is above.

Source: Instagram