Dallas Cowboys fans suffered a loss of breath during last night's game (October 27th) vs. the Washington Redskins, when their star quarterback Tony Romo suffered a back injury with 7:50 left to play in the third quarter, and had to be taken off the field to be examined.  Romo got sacked hard by Redskins linebacker Keenan Robinson, where his knee collided forcefully against Romo's already surgically repaired back.  Romo later returned to finish out the game, but the Cowboys wound up losing to the Redskins 20-17 in overtime.  

Fans expressed a mixture of both heartache and utter frustration with Romo's constant injuries and what they feel are "anti-clutch" performances on the field.  Many criticized him for remaining in the pocket for too long despite having a clear path to run the 3 yards in order to gain the first down.  His decision to stay in the pocket and search for an open receiver is what cost him the sack, and thus the back injury.  It turned out Romo's injury was a contusion.

Check out the mixed reactions from fans above.  Some of these memes and tweets are cold-blooded.

Source: Twitter