Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla have joined the likes of Bill Gates and his wife Melinda in donating millions to the CDC Foundation in order to help fund their Ebola research in West Africa. While Bill and Melinda Gates previously donated $50 million, Mark and Priscilla have donated a hefty $25 million to help the cause.  

Mark made an announcement about his and Priscilla's decision to donate the money on Facebook, noting that projected numbers for those infected with Ebola could potentially reach 1 million if the disease is not controlled within the next several months.  He hopes to prevent the outbreak from reaching the extreme levels that HIV or polio have in the past.  Mark and Priscilla hope that their contribution will speed up the process to find ways to either control the spread of the virus or eliminate it altogether.

Since news broke of the Zuckerbergs' donation, Twitter erupted with loads of responses from users astonished at the hefty sum that was given to the CDC.  Check out the many reactions above.

Source: Forbes/Twitter