Charron, the renowned KOTD Battle Rapper, spoke with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes about his successful transition onto the Smack/URL stage at the Summer Madness 4 "Warm Up" event.

Charron's first battle on Smack/URL was against Newark, NJ., native, Shotgun Suge.  The battle was originally scheduled to take place on KOTD; however, various setbacks prevented it from ever occurring until now.  Given Charron's image, it's easy to see how people might have judged him negatively before ever hearing him rap in a Smack battle, but his skill can't be denied and he displayed that in full vs. Shotgun Suge, who also put on a great performance.

Charron believes that he beat Suge 2-1, and broke down how he managed to flawlessly freestyle throughout his third round.  During the battle Suge pocket checked Charron, which Charron later countered by grabbing Suge while he had his back turned away from him and said "Look at me while I kill you."  Charron explained that his decision to grab Suge was not planned, and how he's glad that Suge didn't retaliate against him in a physically violent way.  The topic of racial acceptance was also discussed, and Charron expressed his views on how Battle Rap has come to a point where skin tone no longer matters, so long as the bars that a particular rapper spits are good.

Be sure to look out for the Shotgun Suge vs. Charron battle.  It's a preference battle that could be judged in favor of each MC.  For more details on the battle, check out Hughes' recap of Smack/URL's "Warm Up" event.