While Robin Thicke has finally accepted that estranged wife Paula Patton won't be taking him back anytime soon, one of the likely reasons for their split, one woman Thicke allegedly cheated with, is now choosing to speak out about their affair, claiming that they were not only intimate, but that they got it in and spoke to Paula right after as if nothing had happened.

"We had sex at a party," 21-year-old Lana Scolaro confessed to Star Magazine. "We were among the first people to arrive in an elevator together and got to talking. We both got drinks at the bar, and Robin suddenly grabbed my hand and led me to a back room, where all the lights were off. It was really dark, and no one was around."

Scolaro goes on to say Robin threw her up against a wall and began making out with her.

"His hands were all over me. I thought that's all we were going to do, but he started going down, and it just happened. It wasn't romantic, just really steamy and fast, like he knew he was doing something wrong."

Lana then claims they slipped back into the party, with Thicke then introducing her to wife Paula, just minutes after they had done the dirty deed.

"I shook her hand right after we had sex," Lana cringed. "I had no idea he was even married. I was mortified."

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Source: Star Magazine