Singer Nivea has a few choice words for fellow songstress Christina Milian, calling out the "Dip It Low" singer for not only marrying ex-husband The-Dream, but for recently dating her ex-fiance, Lil Wayne, with both of whom she has children. Here's the breakdown:

Nivea was once married to The-Dream and had three kids. The-Dream later married Milian and they had one daughter together. Nivea was also once engaged to Lil Wayne, and had one of his sons. Christina Milian is currently dating Lil Wayne.

The "Don't Mess With My Man" singer recently stated in an interview with Malcolm Music that she doesn't understand why Milian keeps picking at her leftovers.

"I really didn't have any feelings outside of just being a parent. We share an ex-husband together. [Christina Milian] has a daughter, I have three by Dream as well. So we make sure they see each other and they're in their sister's lives and vice versa. And that's where it stood.
Her other decisions led to my involvement because she's dealing with or appears to be doing my the other father of my young child [Neal]. So I was like, "What the hell?!" It felt crazy as hell! I'm like, "What the hell is wrong with you?!" But I haven't addressed her about it. I don't really care to. I just thought it was very, very crazy."

Nivea also said she and Wayne have already agreed that Milian wouldn't be attending any family functions for the sake of keeping the peace, and keeping the confusion to a minimum.
Check out flicks of Milian above. Do you think Nivea has a point since there are children involved or should she simply worry about her own relationships? Sound off below.

Source: NecoleBitchie