Fans are standing by Vanessa Hudgens and Gabrielle Union after their nude photos were leaked on Saturday.

This is the first time for Union, but the fourth time that Hudgens' nude photos have spread over the web.

The photos of the actresses were leaked just after two photos of Kim Kardashian were released. Both sets of photos appear to be a few years old as Kim is seen holding a Blackberry phone, and Hudgens' photos show her with black hair. Currently the actress is sporting a blonde-brown long bob.

Union on the other hand claims the photos were sent to her husband Dwayne Wade.

The leaks stem from the infamous celeb leaks from a few weeks ago. The scandal, now labeled The Fappening 2, has fans going crazy with jokes.

Some fans have photoshopped clothing on the actresses, while others have wondered why the women aren't more careful with their photos.

See what the web had to about the leaks above.

Source: Twitter