Teyana Taylor sat down with DJ Duffey, where she was asked about Chicago rapper Lil Durk having a huge crush on her. The G.O.O.D. Music singer said that while she has much love for Durk, she could never envision them dating because they are such good friends. 

Speaking of good friends, Teyana opens up about how she started dating her current boyfriend, NBA star Iman Shumpert. She explains that they met at Ludacis' LudaDay Weekend a few years ago, but Teyana was in a relationship at the time so they just remained friends. 

Fast forward to this year when Teyana visited Iman and found out that he was taking care of himself after having knee surgery. She felt bad that no one was there to take care of him, so she stopped by his place for a week straight, and that's when feelings started to develop between the two. Teyana ends the conversation by remarking that neither she or Iman were looking for love at the time, but she's happy things panned out the way they did.