Frankie Robinson of Power 92 Chicago recently caught up with Young Jeezy, fresh out of jail for a gun charge connected to an assault rifle found on his tour bus. While rappers catching cases here and there is nothing new, fans wondered why the Snowman was locked up for almost a week.

The "Seen It All" emcee revealed that he chose to stay locked up because several of his crew members were also behind bars with him over the gun, including 2 of his bus drivers, his cameraman, some people from his management team and others. He simply didn't feel right leaving them behind even if he and his label could afford to post his own, individual bail.

The gun in question was later found out to belong to the chief of security who wasn't around to claim the weapon, as he had been shot the night before at Chris Brown's Pre-VMA party, the same party where former Death Row Records executive Suge Knight was shot six times.

Listen in on Jeezy breaking it down above.