Joseline and Stevie J.'s wild attack on virtually everyone at the Love & Hip Hop ATL reunion left fans in shock over how much the melee escalated.  After being attacked by Ms. Hernandez and having her extensions ripped out of her hair, Tammy Rivera flipped out and started hurling Ciroc bottles at "The Baddest Puta," however, luckily for Joseline none of them connected.  Tammy later took to Twitter to address the situation and apologize to her fans for having them see her engage in such a wild fury.

Tammy also took notice to many of the fan created memes and either retweeted them or posted them on her own Instagram account, taking direct shots at Joseline over the fight.  She uploaded one picture of her sitting in her car with her husband Waka Flocka while he has a pistol raised to the camera along with the caption, "Daddy's home now #MeetTheFlockas lovehiphopatl," which was another direct shot at Joseline and Stevie.  The picture basically let them know that if he had been present at the reunion when Joseline attacked her, Waka would have held her down during the mayhem.  She later deleted that post.

Check out all of the fan-created shade Tammy threw at Joseline online, above.