Tiny went into mama bear mode after an Instagram follower talked sideways about her kids in a loving photo she posted to her page. The Family Hustle star wasn't about to let her kids become victims to Internet trolls, and stepped in to control the situation. 

The user asked Tiny who the real fathers of her children are, because they felt that her boys looked nothing like Tip. Teasing didn't stop there, as the user called Tiny and T.I.'s son King a "rude a**."

The comment obviously set Tiny off when she read it on her timeline, and she set the user in their place. "Have u found your own daddy h*e? U ain't got time to worry about a made b*tch when u still tryin to get there! Stfu & watch carefully so u can learn something maggot!!"

You think Tiny was in the right for checking the follower?

Source: Baller Alert