Since his departure from Def Jam, Trinidad James has gone the independent route, an outlet he says he should've remained on in the first place.

In an interview with MTV News, the Atlanta rapper says creative control led to the end of his major label deal. He also says there are no bad feelings towards the company.

"I feel like we just had a difference of creative ideas," he said. "And for me personally, I know that I am somewhat of a person that's just gonna do it their own way... For me personally, I don't think I needed a major at that point of my career."

He also says he's ready to find true fanbase, something that he lost along the way of his fast blow up.

"I appreciate Def Jam for everything that they taught me and they're not bad people. It's just that they're a business man, it's life, you just have to understand that and I definitely do," he said. "Right now for me personally, I just really want to get back to the people. That's what matters the most. I feel that going through all these label situations and going through everything that I've been through the last couple of years, the only thing that matters right now is the people that love me."

Source: MTV