Shantel Jackson and Nelly have been seen celebrating birthdays and special events together like a normal couple would, but the actress says that her relationship is a special one with different meanings.

According to Madame Noire, Jackson says that the two aren't in a serious relationship since they're just getting to know each other as friends.

"I wouldn't right now say that it's a full-blown relationship. We are getting to know each other, we are building a friendship. So as of right now, everything is like in the beginning stages," she said.

Jackson also confirmed that she will be featured on the rapper's upcoming reality show.

"He has this amazing show coming up on BET as of right now.," she said. "There were rumors that we were already filming, or people thought they knew what we were doing, but that was untrue. We haven't filmed anything as of yet. Everything just came about."

Source: Madame Noire