50 Cent took aim and fired some hard personal shots at Floyd Mayweather today, August 21st, after he got wind that Floyd took a shot at his career during an interview with MLive.com.  During the interview, Floyd stated that artists like 50 Cent, Nelly, and T.I. "come and go" but that "I'm relevant.  My life is the sh*t. I'm something to talk about."

50 didn't like the fact that Floyd tried to say that his time has come and gone, so he posted a very humorous Instagram video of himself waking up in bed to find out the news that Floyd had bad things to say about him.  50 then dug into Floyd's personal life by saying, "I'm like, what he say f*ck me for, Nelly f*cked your first baby momma Melissia, then took your f*cking fianee, say f*ck that n***a."

50 later issued an ALS Ice Bucket challenge to Floyd Mayweather, in which he clowned Floyd's intelligence by daring him to read a single page out of a Harry Potter book out loud without stumbling.  If Floyd is able to complete the task, 50 claims that he will donate $750k to any charity of Floyd's choosing.  He then took the bucket full of ice water and threw it off of the balcony where he stood outside his massive home.

50's videos sent fans into a frenzy on Twitter.  Check out the many reactions above.