Jae Millz recently sat down with Jenny Boom Boom, where he spoke about stepping back from the spotlight after he criticized the 2010 XXL Freshman list because he thought Vado should have been included. He admits that he stopped doing interviews after getting a barrage of hate for his opinions, and says that he might have been too vocal.

Jenny points out that many people were angry at the "Bedrock" rapper's comments since he was never on the cover, and Jae says he felt like his opinion wasn't welcome on the matter. He adds that he's an outspoken Virgo that can't help when certain things come out in interviews.

The conversation then moves on to his current life, as Jae reveals that he moved from Miami to New York to be closer to family after having a daughter. He also explains that he's still singed to Young Money, and was living in Miami while working closely with Lil Wayne.