Farrah Abraham recently announced that she is working at a strip club "job shadowing" for future projects, but it seems the reality star is getting paid a hefty amount for her research. She told E! News that she was hired as a cocktail waitress at the club before stepping up to dance to rake in more money. 

"It's job shadowing that I hope pays off. In the same way Jennifer Aniston researched her role as a stripper, that's what I'm doing. It's how I get the information to write my books and do my movies."

The "Teen Mom" star says she inked a $544,000 deal with the club, starting on August 22, and customers will have to shell out $2,500 for an hour and $500 for ten minutes with Abraham. 

Bebe Montgomery, manager at Palazio Gentlemen's Club in Austin, Texas, explained Farrah's situation at the establishment to RadarOnline. 

"It benefits everybody. It's really fun ... I hired Farrah as a waitress about a month ago and then we talked about it. She decided to switch to dancing. And then we talked again and came to an agreement for six figures. We're really happy and excited."

Source: Radar Online