Keith Murray dispels rumors that he squared off with 2Pac, and explains that there was never an issue between him and the legendary West Coast rapper. Speaking more on the incident, Keith says one of Tupac's boys came over and asked him about LL Cool J's "I Shot Ya" record. The NY rapper says Pac also came over and asked if the song was a diss track, and Keith assured him that it wasn't. Afterward, they shook hands and parted ways. 

The "Get Lifted" rapper also addresses a video clip of him speaking to Rugah TV after the Underground Hip Hop Awards, which many interpreted as him admitting to fighting Tupac. He claims that the video explained their face-to-face interaction, and says he was emphasizing how the incident was underground compared to how everything is out in the open online today. Keith closes the lid on the topic by revealing that he believes the video was edited to get more views. 

The conversation then moves to the New York-born rapper talking about getting in a fight with a Def Jam employee in Houston, which was later brought to the label's human resources. Keith says they alleged victim lied about the extent of his injuries to get money from the label. He adds that the guy who claims he was choked out by Keith was actually a good friend, and things turned sour between them. 

While he says he doesn't regret the altercation with his former friend, Murray says that he does regret leaving Jive for Def Jam. He thought that his records would have a chance to go platinum at Def Jam, but later realized his mistake after seeing how "corporate" and less hands-on it was at his new label.