Justin Timberlake made an error in judgement when referring to Madonna as his "mother chucking ninja" while wishing her a happy birthday on Twitter.  The word "ninja" is often used as a substitute for "ni**a," and fans were quick to pick up on the fact that Justin was subliminally calling Madonna the n-word in a playful manner.  This didn't sit too well with many Twitter users, who called him out on his loose use of n-word references, which led to Justin deleting the tweet after being bombarded with angry backlash.

Some fans were angry at the timing in which he chose to use the reference amid all of the drama occurring in Ferguson, Mo., while others thought that he was wrong for using the word "ninja" in general.  In the past, Madonna has been criticized for publicly using the n-word on social media sites, which only added to how sensitively people reacted to Justin.

Check out the many Twitter responses to Justin Timberlake calling Madonna his "ninja" in the above slide.

Source: Complex.com   Photo Cred: Flickr.com