A story posted by known trolling satire site DailyLeakz.com really spun out of control when they convinced loads of fans that Lil Wayne had contracted HIV.  They posted a short article in which they made the announcement:

"Lil Wayne of Y.M.C.M.B. came out publicly today and revealed that he has contracted H.I.V."  The DailyLeakz later added, "However he did give positive words of advice, 'Sometimes you get caught up with the strippers and groupies...Just wear protection'.  #Prayforweezy."

The #PrayforWeezy trend really built up some steam and caught the attention of so many fans that Lil Wayne took to Twitter to shut down the nonsensical rumors once and for all.

"B*tch ya mammy got aids! Stop playin with me!" he tweeted.

Lil Wayne has since deleted the tweet and ignored any further discussions of him having contracted HIV.  Check out Wayne's response to the false and very cruel H.I.V. rumor, along with fan reactions, above.

Source: InFlexWeTrust.com Photo Credit: Splash News