Bobby Shmurda opens up to Jenny Boom Boom about his latest single, "Hot N***a," and how a lot of big rappers are wanting to be on the remix. He reveals that Jadakiss has a spot on the record, which the Brooklyn rapper promises is "coming out soon." 

Shmurda also names the rappers that he looks up to, like 50 Cent, Lil Boosie, and Uncle Murda, who the rapper recently linked up with in the studio. Bobby revealed that he and Uncle Murda worked on tracks for both their mixtapes, and the Brooklyn rapper added that he was trying to get Murda on his album. 

As the conversation moves on, Bobby has some advice to kids who are in the streets, "don't gang bang, it's not worth it." He adds that the guys who are normally running in the streets are the same ones who won't back you when you get locked up. 

The interview ends with the Brooklyn rapper discussing his sound, and he clears up rumors about his "Hot N***a" beat being Lloyd Banks' "Jackpot." Bobby reveals that Jahlil Beats told him that the G-Unit rapper didn't actually buy the beat, so he "snatched it up" because he knew it was going to be a hit.