Indie rapper LIV is back at it throwing shots at Beyonce over claims that her husband Jay Z attempted to engage in a romantic relationship with her during their marriage, only this time, she's included Nicki Minaj in her crosshairs as well.

LIV recently released a new video, "Sorry Mrs. Carter," which Beyonce fans roasted her for on Twitter, but she's taken it a step further and sent more shade on Instagram.  LIV has previously fired on Nicki Minaj in diss records, making claims that Nicki slept with various men in order to gain her fame, and has also ripped her for getting plastic surgery done to improve her image.

LIV went on a fairly lengthy rant on the social media site, addressing issues of turning Nicki Minaj's fans from "stupid hoes into ladies," and how Beyonce should be instructing women on "how to become a WIFE, NOT A BABY MOMMA."

Check out what LIV had to say about Mrs. Carter and Nicki Minaj in the above slide.