Charlamagne shares his thoughts on Drake and Chris Brown linking up in the studio, and believes that the news would've been bigger had a photo not been released. He jokes, "I'm all for waffle color unity, " and adds that if Blake Griffin, Drake, and Chris Brown were taken out during their ESPYS skit, there would be nothing more for light-skinned guys.

When asked about Drake allegedly taking shots at Macklemore's Grammy win during the ESPYS, Charlamagne believes it was blatant and "corny." The Breakfast Club host then speaks about people saying the Grammys were racist, when unfair wins have been happening through history. He cites Diddy winning over Wu-Tang and Will Smith beating out Biggie as two examples.

Moving on, the conversation then turns to Kanye's recent statement about Drake taking the throne in Hip-Hop. Charlamagne agrees that Drake is the top artist right now, but says that Kanye is sitting at a table with the G.O.A.T.s, while the "We Made It" rapper isn't quite there. He also makes a comparison to Kobe and LeBron when speaking about Kanye and Drake, and he feels the Toronto rapper still has some things to prove.