Dizaster and his Krack City crew sat down for an exclusive interview with DJ Vlad and Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes where they discussed in full detail the fight that broke out between them and Math Hoffa at KOTD's BOLA 5 battle event.

Dizaster explained the full history of his and Math's relationship, and how he believes that there has always been tension between the two of them.  He specifically reflected on his past Grind Time battle vs. Swave Sevah and how he claims that Swave thwarted Math's plan to have him "jumped" when he arrived in NYC.

Diz explained the paranoia that he felt leading up to the fight with Math, due to all of the social media postings in which Hoffa was relentlessly taunting him and leading him to believe that he really wanted to punch him at some point during their battle.  Diz specifically referenced one of our past interviews with Math as a prime source of his paranoia.  In that interview, Math spoke about the possibility of a fight breaking out during the battle if Dizaster got too wild, but also stated that his sole intention was to go out to Cali and "keep it rap" in order to have a good battle with Diz.

During the interview, Diz also addressed the third round in which Hoffa spoke about personal matters that were brought up during the filming of the Total Slaughter reality TV show, and made it clear that he did not hit Math because of what he said in his verse.  Diz explained that he ultimately felt as though Math had pushed him over the edge and messed with his mental state enough so that when Hoffa stood before him saying, "Do it, do it," Dizaster felt he was left with no other choice but to swing first or possibly be hit if he didn't.  He stated that if the battle had occurred in NYC, he would've done the same thing, but honestly believes that Math would've hit him first if the shoe was on the other foot.

His Krack City crew also spoke briefly about their involvement in the melee and how they could've really harmed Math if they wanted to do so.  They shut down all allegations that any one of them used a blade to cut Math under his chin during the fight, and also shut down all of the conspiracy theories that have been floating around claiming that Diz and his crew set up Math to jump him all along.

In the end, Dizaster is glad that Math wasn't badly injured during the fight, and his boys stated that nobody will try to harm him if he travels out to the West Coast again.