After claiming that she turned down Jay Z's advances out of respect for Beyonce, aspiring femcee Liv released a song titled "Sorry Miss Carter" about her alleged connection with the Brooklyn rapper. In the track, the Chicago native claims that Jay likes "model chicks" and also says they "connected like magnets." 

"I make rhymes about my life and style not knowing it would end up in Life & Style / Got my name in the news saying things I ain't do / Side chick, never. Mistress, who? We connected on some hip hop sh** / He could be himself with me and he did that sh** / Us two attracted like some magnets / Us crossing paths was no accident"

At the end of the song Liv takes shots at Bey's "Drunk in Love" track by saying she shouldn't be talking about surfboarding her husband for the world to hear. Do you agree?

Check out the track and more photos of Liv in the above slide and let us know what you think.