Migos sat down with Jenny Boom Boom to speak about traveling the world after making it big, and say that it's been a great experience to be with their fans. Speaking of fans, the group says they had to adjust to the intensity, but say it's been a blessing to have so much love from the people that love their music. 

The group also explained their song title "Hannah Montana," which is a slang term for cocaine, and "Versace," which they say was inspired by Tupac and Biggie. When asked to pick who's greater between Pac and Big, the group gets divided. 

Staying on the same topic, Migos believe that if Tupac and B.I.G. were alive today, a lot of rappers wouldn't be around. They explain that a lot of emcees in the '90s would call others out for biting their style, and they feel a lot of rappers today are doing the opposite.