Loaded Lux sat down exclusively with VladTV Battle Rap Journalist Michael Hughes to discuss his Busta Rhymes diss track that was leaked during his rematch battle vs. Murda Mook at the monumental Total Slaughter battle event.  

Lux explained the full story of how the track was recorded soon after Kendrick Lamar released his vicious "Control" verse that shook up the entire culture of Hip-Hop.  Lux did not record the track with any true malicious intent, but rather named Busta Rhymes and other artists on the song in a competitive way out of respect for their lyricism.

Soon after recording the diss record, Lux decided not to release it because he realized that it would be viewed in a negative way rather than as a respectful lyrical challenge.  While he knows the identity of the person who gave the record to Mook to use in the battle, Lux refused to speak on that during the interview, but rather address it instead on his upcoming Beloved 2 project.  Lux and Busta spoke backstage after the battle concluded where he apologized for his error in judgement.  They have both put this situation behind them, and remain cool to this day.

Check out this very insightful interview with Loaded Lux, above.