Benzino opens up about his friendship with Stevie J being on the rocks, and claims that it all boils down to the music producer's relationship with Joseline Hernandez. The Hip Hop Weekly owner says his rift with Stevie has always been about Joseline, and he details how he's heard about the "Puerto Rican Princess" abusing Stevie behind the scenes. 

Speaking more on the abuse, Benzino claims that Joseline ripped Stevie's ear and the producer had to get stitches, and Benzino's father chimes in by saying Joseline pulled a gun on her man. The Boston native says that it's ironic that someone put out photos claiming that Joseline was abused by Stevie, when Benzino claims it's actually the other way around. 

Zino clarifies that he's never seen Joseline pull out a gun, but says Stevie recounted the story to him. He adds that what people see on "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" is only a small part of what goes on behind the scenes.