Power 105 & Revolt TV's Charlemagne sat down with VladTV to give his opinion on Nicki Minaj's "Anaconda" cover, whether she needs to sell sex to be successful, why he feels Iggy Azalea had a better year than Nicki, and why having "star power" is just as important as writing your own bars in Hip-Hop.

Charlamagne starts off by saying he loves Nicki's "Anaconda" cover and that he has no problem seeing a beautiful woman show off what she has if she's comfortable enough to do so. He also notes that while he loves the cover, Nicki's talent is great enough that she doesn't need to show her body off to get attention.

He also admits that while he's a fan, he isn't a "stan" and can be objective when talking about artists, which Minaj's "Barbies" had a problem with when he said he felt Iggy Azalea would take home the "Best Female Rapper" award. Charlemagne genuinely feels Iggy had a better year than Minaj, and likened their dynamic to the Spurs vs. LeBron James. The Spurs (Iggy) may have won the year, but LeBron (Nicki) is clearly the best single player in the game.

Check out the Q&A above.