Wiz Khalifa sat down with VladTV for an exclusive interview where he chopped it up about making the Forbes list, his business moves, being the poster boy for marijuana, and just how many times he's been locked up for the green.

Khalifa says it's "cool as hell" to be on the Forbes list, and broke down exactly how he did it, saying it took a lot of careful branding and being wise with his money. The Pittsburgh emcee said the trick was to know when it's time to spend without putting too much out there that he may not get back. He also credits taking the right opportunities when they present themselves, whether it be creating his own brand of rolling papers or working with G-Pen to create his own vaporizer.

When asked if he would ever give up music to focus on the business side of things, Wiz is confident he'll be able to get into other ventures while still being able to record and perform.

Wiz then reveals that while he's been arrested 21 times for marijuana possession, he's still honored to be the poster boy for weed, saying he's proud to be able to dispel the myth that weed will always slow you down and ruin opportunities.

Check out the Q&A above.