In their first ever interview together, French Montana and Khloe Kardashian spoke on their relationship with Power 105.1's Angie Martinez.

Throughout the year, the rumored couple has kept quiet on their romance, but French shared details on how they met, how he feels about Khloe's reality show, and working with Kanye West for his new project.

French says Diddy was the one who introduced him to Khloe, and told him to invite her to a party.

"Khloe cool as hell, man. It was Puff. Puff was the one that put us together," he said. "It was me, Gabby, Puff, Meek. Everybody was in the studio. Scott [Disick] was there. Scott was drunk. I was, 'like I got a party tomorrow' and everybody was like, 'we all coming.' She [Khloe Kardashian] was like 'Hell yeah, I wanna go.' Next day Puff was like 'hit her' to come to the party.

"We end up not going to the party. We just end up chillin'. But nah, she cool peoples. We rockin'."

Khloe also came in towards the end of the interview and shared her thoughts on the critics of their romance.

"People are going to comment no matter what, like if I dated the most clean-cut, perfect guy, they're gonna comment. That's just the way it is," said Khloe. "So if I'm having fun and if I like this kid, no one else should care. They're not f***** him, so why do they care?"

She also says that there's more to the rapper than what the tabloids portray.

"He is probably one of the funniest people I've ever met in my life. You cannot stop laughing, like crying laughing," she said. "I think he also puts out there more of the tough exterior and that's who he is, but there's also a different side of him, which he keeps more private as he should. Not everyone should see that side of him, but he could be a softie sometimes."

With the rapper heading towards the end of his fast during Ramadan, Khloe says she's enjoyed torturing him.

"No sex. [It's] so fun," she joked. "That's why he's wearing all white. He's so pure and holy. ... He's virginal. I have been torturing him. Every single day. Torture."

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Source: Power 105.1