Lord Jamar shares his thoughts on Jay Z rocking a "Five Percenters" chain last year, and says he's not sure if the rapper is actually part of the group that he shares an affiliation with. The Brand Nubian rapper states, however, that Jay has left hints in his songs that would lead people to believe that he's a Five Percenter.

The New York rapper says that if Jay is interested in learning more about the group, he would like to welcome him and make sure he's learning the teachings correctly.

When asked if he believes white people are the devil, Lord Jamar is quick to respond with a simple "yep." He adds, "White people come from the black man, and the original devil, the strongest devil, is the black devil."

Jamar goes on to explain that the Five Percenters redefine the way people think of the concept of "god" and "devil," saying it's all a "frame of mind."