Memphis Bleek opens up about his relationship with Jay Z, revealing that there was never a time when he doesn't remember being around the famed rapper. He adds that Jay is more like an older brother or uncle to him, because the "Big Pimpin" rapper was always trying to keep him out of trouble. 

The fellow Marcy Houses emcee then speaks about spitting his first verse for Jay, but says he doesn't remember the line since it was so long ago. He then shares a story about the "Run This Town" rapper handing him a piece of paper to memorize so he could get his chance at being in the rap game. Memphis reveals that the paper featured the lyrics to his first feature on Jay Z's "Coming of Age," and Bleek says he just spit Jay's ghostwritten lines straight from the page.

Bleek also speaks about Jay working on his debut "Reasonable Doubt," and explains that he never thought the album would be as big as it was. Bleek says he's continuously told Jay Z that if he knew the album would pop off like it did, he would've been more prepared.