Miami's own Trick Daddy sat down with VladTV to discuss the rumored beef between him and Lil Wayne, with Trick Daddy saying that there really was no situation between them, although at one point Lil Wayne "got in his feelings" and made some off-color statements about Miami and the Miami Heat.

When it comes to a rumored altercation that involved one party flicking a cigarette at another, Trick Daddy says it didn't involve him or Lil Wayne, but was actually an affiliate of Wayne's, in addition to security, that blew the situation out of proportion. Though he also admits he wasn't there and can't speak on the incident.

Trick also reveals that him and Slim of Cash Money are close; closer than he is to either Baby or Wayne. He also runs into Baby quite often and there's never any problem, and as far as he's concerned, there's no issue between him and anyone on Cash Money/Young Money.

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