Kanye West sat down with GQ just ten days after his wedding to Kim Kardashian, where he opened up about family life, his new single "All Day," and dropping in rank as most popular rapper to Drake. The Chicago rapper says that Drake took the title last summer, and questions whether he wants to take back the crown.

"Yeah. [Drake] got last summer. And I'd never given it up till last summer. It's a real question for me. Do I want to [take back the title]?"

Yeezy said he's planning to put out new music in the future and will lead with a new single titled "All Day," which he explained contains lyrics he would expect Jay Z to spit on their collaborations. 

"I think just my usual pattern is like that. It's like a pendulum. The pendulum gains momentum by swinging in the other direction. Even lyrically, I think about certain lines that I say on my new single, which is called "All Day," that usually Jay would say, but Jay's not on there. So I say, "All day, ni**a, it's Ye, ni**a. Shopping for the winter, it's just May, ni**a. Ball so hard, man, this sh*t cray, ni**a. You ain't getting money unless you got eight figures." Right? Jay would have said that. And then eventually I would have came in with, like, whatever I come in with. But the balance of a meal is that when people walk in, they want water first. People definitely weren't getting water first on Yeezus. I do fight with myself to say, "Keep fighting." But also, you know, you can't win every single fight. It's a long war, and if you're out there trying to, like, blow up every single building, you won't win the war."

Will you be looking out for new music from Kanye? 

Source: gq.com