Joseline Hernandez of Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta has been receiving a lot of backlash lately for her alleged role in last week's reunion show brawl, where she's been accused of attacking Benzino's girl Althea, Waka Flocka Flame's wife Tammy, and old nemesis Mimi Faust all in one night.

It seems Hernandez is tired of being blamed for all the drama, as she's taking to Instagram to clear her name, saying that the "2 n*ggas beefing over 1 p*ssy" started the riot and she got blamed for everything. The two men in question would be Stevie J and Benzino, and the back-and-forth between them over Stevie's past with Althea. Stevie has released several nude images of Benzino's current girlfriend already, and the situation seems to get more complicated by the day.

Check out Joseline defending herself and telling Mona Scott-Young to "check her workers" above.