Lil Debbie say down with VladTV to share her perspective on Lord Jamar's now infamous statement that whites are "guests" in the house of Hip-Hop, as well as speak on friend and fellow rapper V-Nasty's previous interview with VladTV and the controversy around her saying the N-word.

When it comes to Lord Jamar saying whites are "guests" within Hip-Hop, Lil Debbie says she really doesn't care because she's been dealing with the stigma of being white in Hip-Hop for a very long time, and also makes a point to say she grew up in the Bay, known for its diversity, and has probably only had 2 white boyfriends in her life.

She also witnessed friend V-Nasty being called out for using the N-word and is simply over the drama behind it. She also defends her friend, saying V-Nasty is 100% herself at all times, almost to a fault where it may have held her career back over the years.

When it comes to the N-word in general, Lil Debbie says she knows people from several different races who use the term, and feels that if you don't want to hear it, you shouldn't say it yourself.

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