Marvel is really shifting things up in the comic book realm, as they've just recently announced that the new Thor will be a female hero, and now they've just revealed that the replacement for Captain America will be a well respected black super hero.  That hero goes by the name of Sam Wilson a.k.a. The Falcon.  The Falcon and Captain America have worked as a team for years within the comic book franchise, and now he will be taking up the Captain's shield after the beloved Steve Rogers suffered a crippling defeat to super-villain Iron Nail.  

The storyline has stripped Steve Rogers of all of his powers which made him the hero that the nation grew to love, and now it is time for his longtime crime fighting companion The Falcon to rise in his place.  The announcement was made by Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada on The Colbert Report last night, July 16th.  After Colbert heard the news, he made the witty joke, "Doesn't that make him Captain African-American?" 

It's uncertain how long this storyline will play out in the comic book series, but as of right now it won't affect the casting of the Captain America movie franchise, which is currently led by Chris Evans as America's favorite hero.

The racial switch has sparked some very edgy reactions on Twitter, with many people playing on the negative stereotypes that have been cast down upon the black community.  Check out the many reactions above.