For this week's episode of Weezy Wednesdays, Lil Wayne shared his thoughts on the growing Battle Rap culture and the recent battle that just took place between Hollow Da Don and Joe Budden.  Although Wayne hasn't seen the battle yet, he did commend Joe for having the courage to step into the lyrical ring, and he explained that he doesn't believe taking a loss in a battle is detrimental to an artist's career.  Wayne also addressed the possibility of fans ever seeing him step into the ring, and what he had to say might shock you.

While Weezy is well respected for the wordplay in his music, it doesn't look like Battle Rap fans will ever see him compete, for Wayne honestly admitted, "I don't know how to Battle Rap."  He explained that this is why he tries to stay away from getting involved in exchanging diss tracks with other artists, because his mind doesn't operate well when trying to craft competitive diss bars.