Yung Joc sat down for an exclusive interview with VladTV and explained how being on the Forbes list, a feat most would consider an honor, was actually the worst thing that could've happened to him at the time.

Joc details how having his $10 million income published in Forbes Magazine brought out the worst in those around him, as where he lent friends money in the past and upon them finding out his salary, would either ask for more or attempt to make him feel guilty for not offering more. He reveals that even his family started to look at him differently when the list dropped.

The ATL rapper then explains how he made $10 million in one year, saying he toured extensively at the height of his fame, revealing he made up to $50,000 a day at one point off of shows alone. When asked what his best investment was, Joc says himself. When it comes to his worst investment, Joc admits that he tried to take care of too many people who in the end were not deserving of his support.

Check out the interview above.