The drama is continuing to heat up with the "Love & Hip Hop Atlanta" cast. During the current season we've seen Joseline become angry with Benzino's fiancee Althea after finding out that she and Stevie slept together. Now, it seems that things may have come to blows between the two women. 

The cast filmed a reunion show on Tuesday (July 15), where a fight broke out. A video of the scuffle made it online; however, you can't make out who was involved. 

Rumors began swirling about who was involved in the brawl after Althea posted a message on Twitter reading, "How you looking @MissJoseline." When a fan commented "You know damn well Joseline beat yo a**," Althea responded by saying "it's not about who started, but who finished." 

More specifically, Zino's girl said, "I hate fighting. I was lookin too cute. All the women on the show looked better then her But it's not who starts but who finishes <3 u ZINO." 

Waka Flocka's wife Tammy Rivera also reiterated what happened during the show, as she tweeted, "Jocelyn got that a** beat! CRACK IS WACK!" It's unknown whether Tammy was involved in the altercation, though she posted a selfie as a sort of challenge to Joseline, captioning it, "Face still beat...Mrs. Hermanass upload a selfie." 

Check out more of the tweets and video footage in the above slide.

Source: Twitter